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Refined Sugar – Natural Sugar’s Evil Twin

  The idea that dietary fat is what’s making our society fat, is still prevalent today. That fallacy has been repeatedly drilled into our skulls over the course of an entire decade and the grocery stores have been flooded with...
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How Many Days a Week Should You be Training?

I hear this question all too often.   How many days a week should I train to achieve “XYZ”?   In a world of speed, constant changes, and non-stop interruptions, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks. ...
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Happy Healthy Valentine’s Day

    Tis the season for candy hearts, chocolate covered everything, champagne toasts, and dining out with your dream date on decadent, (over) indulgent food. OR, if you’re single (by choice or not), dining in dateless and celebrating solo with...

Finally a solution. Announcing Results +

  When I first started Complete Fitness Results I did goal setting, progress tracking, and nutrition coaching with every client who signed up for anything that we offered. This was a great idea because our clients got amazing results that...
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The Importance of Writing Down Your Goals

  Over the past few years, I’ve read countless books, heard the same message from numerous speakers, and have listened to handfuls of audiobooks. The topic I want to discuss today is the importance of goal setting. If you really...