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CFR Performance

What is Sports Performance Training at Complete Fitness Results?

Physical training that will enhance your performance in competition, make you successful in your chosen sport, and help you exceed your expectations of what your body can do.

Sports performance is about clean movement, speed, agility, strength, and most importantly durability. At Complete Fitness Results certified Sports Performance Coaches and exceptional training staff will help you improve your game. You will develop power, increase endurance, and work with coaches that want you to succeed!


FMS Based Training

The Functional Movement Screen is the first step taken with all of our athletes.

Complete Fitness uses the Functional Movement Screen as part of a comprehensive performance enhancement and injury prevention program.

The FMS is implemented in many sports franchises such as the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Anaheim Ducks, Cleveland Indians, as well as the United States Military and various colleges around the country.

It is a grading system that evaluates movement patterns, physical limitations, and asymmetries. These issues can limit your effectiveness on the field, in training, and can increase the risk for sports related injuries.

After the screen is performed, CFR coaches customize a training program for each athlete that integrates movement corrections for any limitations or asymmetries.


Increase Speed, Agility, Strength & Flexibility

CFR Performance is the most effective and success-proven training program for young athletes in the world… Our results are guaranteed!


Decrease Risk of Injury

Our training methods work to reduce the likelihood of injury on a specific level and cater to the sport your young athletes play


Dominate Your Sport

The best athletes are always the fastest, most agile, strongest and flexible — our job at CFR Performance is to make your young athletes the very best they can be and DOMINATE on the field.


100% Risk Free

This 2-week trial offer is for any St. Louis athlete or team who wants to be the best. There are NO:
– Hidden Fees
– Aggressive Sales Tactics
– Gimmicks


You WILL get better… 100% Guaranteed!

So if you want to take your performance to the next level Complete Fitness Results is your guaranteed best choice. Please call (314) 402-2238 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific needs today!


“Steve is a top-notch trainer and coach. He’s extremely detail-oriented, focused on the client, and always working to get better and expand his game.”

~ Mike Robertson – World Renowned Fitness and Performance Expert

“My son recently came to CFR Performance to improve his strength and performance. I have to say that his results have been above and beyond what we expected form him. Not only that, Steve has been an amazing coach and mentor to my son. Everyone CFR has been great. I can’t believe I can say that my son LOVES working at now!”

~ Elizabeth – Mother of Youth Athlete

“The staff at CFR Performance really knows their stuff. As a coach I have no problem sending our athletes to CFR Performance. I know they are in good hands.”

~ Patrick – Soccer Coach

“I love working out with all of the people at CFR. They all make it fun to workout, but it’s still serious at the same time. I know I’m going to be a starter on our football team next year because of my training. Thanks everyone!”


Joe – Youth Athlete


Train Smart with Complete Fitness Results!

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