Dead Batteries
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Dead Batteries

This morning my sons and I grabbed a large shoe-box full of old, dead batteries to take to the recycling bin at their school. There were a ton! I didn’t even want to guess how much money we spent on them. But then I realized, our money wasn’t the resource that had been wasted. The real loss was the energy of these batteries that was never used for a good purpose.  20170906_154905

If you have young kids, you know how often you’re buying batteries for every remote-control car, light saber, multi-function flashlight and animated talking doll. They NEED the batteries now and if you’re lucky, all these toys will get played with for a day or two. Then they end up under the bed or in the basement, not to be seen or thought about for another 8 months. That is, until they are one day rediscovered with a brand new level of excitement. That’s fantastic, except all the batteries have slowly drained out and now they NEED new batteries again!

Sometimes, I like to think in metaphors (because hard facts bore me) and I immediately thought how these batteries are like so many frustrated people, making their way through life and not meeting their potential. We’re all going to be recycled some day, that we cannot control. However, we can control how we choose to spend our precious energy, until it’s finally time to be put in the box.

Make sure you are powering the right toys. If those toys break, or are not deserving of your energy, unplug and put your energy into another, better toy. Do not waste away and miss out on the opportunity to give your all to a good purpose. If you’re unclear about your purpose, find a good coach, friend or mentor and start finding your path today.

There is one important area where my battery metaphor falls short though. Unlike all the batteries in that box, the more we use our energy for good, worthy, exciting, fulfilling things, the more energy we have and the longer we get to have it.

Think on that today if you’d like; be very grateful that you can choose, at any time in your life, to be more human and less battery.

Steve Tschudy