Endurance Sports
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Endurance Sports

Attention all runners and cyclists!!

CFR Performance is your dream come true.

CFR Performance is the perfect compliment to any endurance athletes training program. Everyone knows that cross training and injury prevention should be major parts of a great endurance athletes program, but these aspects are almost always overlooked.

The greatest endurance athletes have well balanced programs, and that is what we deliver to YOU!



Each athlete is screened using the Functional Movement Screen on intake to find out what areas need the most work, which movements should be avoided, and which exercise selection is best for each person’s individual needs.


Injury Prevention

Our screening and corrective exercise system allows us to find exercises that may alleviate some of those aches and pains that you are feeling by getting to the source of what is causing the pain. We’re not physical therapists that treat pain directly, but we do restore the body to optimal working order which in turn prevents injury and removes the cause of some pain. We also have a great panel of medical advisors and clinicians to refer you to if its necessary to find out more.


Increase Performance

During our screen we will find any compensations in your movement patterns. From there, we know which corrective exercises will fix the compensations making you more efficient. In other words, if you move better you will perform better. If you perform better you will have better times, and more fun in the process.


Cross Training

Endurance sports involve doing the same pattern over and over again. That is why it is so important to make sure you are challenging your body with other patterns to stay injury free and be the best athlete possible. Cross training is a great way for runners and cyclists to accomplish this. We provide the most comprehensive programs available for endurance athletes, so if you are a runner or cyclist we have your cross training covered.


Experienced Training Staff

Each and every one of our staff members has experience as an endurance athlete or has worked directly with many endurance athletes to shatter their expectations. You are in good hands with CFR Performance.

Get Better Today!

Call CFR Performance at (314) 402-2238 today to schedule a time for a free consultation and Functional Movement Screen to find out how we can help you become the best endurance athlete you can be!


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