Reshaunda Thornton
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Reshaunda Thornton

Reshaunda Thornton RD, LD is a registered and licensed dietitian and owner of BetterVessel Nutrition.  She specializes nutrition in the field of wellness and exercise. Having 8 years of experience as a personal trainer, Reshaunda understands that physical activity should be matched with the best fuel possible to feed our bodies, help avoid injuries, and optimize recovery thereby improving performance whether it’s on the job or in the gym.


Her previous career as a molecular biologist has allowed her to understand how nutrition plays a significant role for the individual person.  Her uniqueness is her coupling the biological aspect of nutrition and how certain foods are more beneficial for certain people.  This allows her to build customized nutrition programs that will efficiently enable each person to meet their fitness goals.  “Everyone is different, therefore so is their foods”  is a statement that she makes often.


Also, as a regular guest, she conducts nutrition segments on FOX2 News biweekly. She has become the “nutrition expert” in promoting healthier living by displaying creative ways to eat healthy and educating the public on understanding foods and how they contribute positively to health. She also hosts seminars to enhance knowledge of how to apply healthy living to individuals and organizations that are seeking energetic and informative nutrition education.


She provides nutrition services in:

-Weight loss/management

-Sports-related nutrition

-Medical-related nutrition

-Those who desire to eat healthier and couple with exercise

-Nutrition-related Seminars and Presentations

Her energy, enthusiasm, and approachability allows her to connect with a broad range of clients. She

believes in empowering and bringing positive change to her clients by creating personal relationships in a supportive environment.


Credentials & Education

BS Biology

BS Nutrition and Dietetics

Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian