Why is it co-workers always seem on edge or tired or even depressed? I’ll tell you. Their brain has stopped functioning at an optimal level. Now, what about those people that sit all day staring at a blank screen not moving and getting their soul sucked out by the technology that is supposed to make their job easier? 

A number of people, including myself, have the pleasure and the privilege of having a career where sitting and staring at a computer screen is probably less than 5% of their day. That statistic is made up, don’t look it up, but you get my point.

Stop sitting!

Our blood flow begins to weaken as we sit for long periods of time. Our brain isn’t being forced to keep our body in a peak state. Therefore we begin to have these workplace zombies that think the answer is at the bottom of the coffee pot. WRONG!!! You want to know the answer? Ok, get ready, go ahead and stand up if you’re ready. No really, that’s it.

Yup, Randy Johnson bomb just happened, circa 1989..

You just took the first step. Get up out of your chair and move. Moving increases heart rate, which increases blood flow to areas. Ultimately waking up your brain.

Increase brain power

So many companies nowadays have began providing access to some sort of fitness equipment.

Why? Well I just told you. It increases brain function over the course of a day. Which in turn can increase work capacity. This increases output. Are you following me now? It has been shown through studies, as well, that if you exercise on the job there is a good chance you will probably end up making more money.

And of course everyone loves more money!

Go move around!

We live in a technology based world. We live in a world where our entire informational universe is in the palm of our hands. This causes people to remain seated at their jobs and stare blankly into a screen that is providing nothing but a headache. If there isn’t an exercise protocol at your work, make one. Figure out something that can work for you personally. Caffeine can only go so far and the crash afterward usually doesn’t help. So get up, move around for 10, 20, even 30 minutes. Get the blood flowing so that you can be as successful as possible in whatever you may be doing.

Nick Lape

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