Here are 11 interesting reasons why residents of St. Louis love referring the people they care about to Complete Fitness Results for Personal Training:



  • Trainers use toys ranging from balloons and straws to sleds and chains
  • Group Fitness classes are far more personalized than any “Personal Training” you can find anywhere else.
  • Rubber bracelets are used to seamlessly implement one of the most complicated and innovated training systems around…all while keeping it simple and fun for you.
  • Trainers at Complete Fitness Results don’t count reps, they teach, coach, inspire and motivate.
  • No one is allowed to train through pain.  It’s all about Training Smart.
  • Complete Fitness Results is like one big fit family, not just a gym full of trainers and members.
  • Trainers at Complete Fitness Results are as passionate about health, fitness, training and nutrition as St. Louis residents are about the Cardinals!
  • Personal Training programs are designed to be as efficient and effective as possible to achieve maximum results in minimal time
  • Trainers promote rest and recovery and brains over brawn.
  • Crawl, roll, push, pull, slide, drag, swing, hang and blow your way into the best shape of you life
  • They have completed the health and fitness puzzle and live to show you how

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If you live in the St. Louis area, you NEED to be training at Complete Fitness Results!   Complete Fitness Results has ALL the top trainers in Saint Louis under one roof to bring you the most innovative, effective and personalized training around!

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