Jan 2014 Bob TeakBob Teak was chosen as CFR’s February 2014 Smarty of the Month!

The first time I saw Bob was at a kettlebell workshop I instructed. As he walked into the room hunched over and self-described overweight, I was terrified to let him touch a kettlebell. His posture and movement mixed with a kettlebell was a recipe for disaster. I sent him home to prevent an injury. But, about two months later I had the pleasure of training him.  In the begging his FMS screen was atrocious indicating there was a lot of work to be done. As I continued to work with Bob, his focus, dedication, and openness to the process allowed him to succeed. In addition to improving his movement and growing a few inches, Bob also cleaned up his diet and lost weight. His tennis game even improved! Bob is now getting to balls that were previously beyond his reach! It is always a pleasure training Bob. He has the best stories and a great since of humor. He is consistent and wants to improve, which are qualities I love and respect. Congrats on a job well done Bob! Keep up all your hard work! -Mike Klaus

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