Workout at least 4 days per week with moderate intensity

I’ve trained a lot of different ways in the last 10 years and have experimented with just about everything training style there is to get myself and my clients to lose fat fast. I used to think that training as hard as you can 2-3 days per week was the optimal way to train. Over the years however, I’ve noticed that people that train 4-5 times per week with a moderate intensity mixed with a few high intensity workouts seem to get the best results. The combination of more frequent workouts at a slightly lower intensity, mixed with enough recovery to rebuild, seems to be the ticket for rapid and long term fat loss.


getty imagesLift weights fast

Lifting weights under control is always the most important thing to focus on when it comes to proper form, and if your goal is strength training a lot of times the slower the better. On the other hand, if your goal is burn fat its been proven that more explosive work can lead to much faster results. This doesn’t mean that you have to do crazy exercises at crazy speeds, but some intelligent power endurance work can have a major impact on your results. Our Smart Group Training workouts are the perfect blend of quality strength training and explosive work.


Eat the good carbs

I could write a book on carbs and we would most likely find out in a few years that most of the information is wrong. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about carbs out there in the mainstream right now, but some facts we can safely bank on being accurate.

1)   Processed sugar is most likely never a good idea unless you just got done working out

2)   Carbs are fuel so you should only eat enough to fuel yourself

3)   Grains are over rated and hated. Just don’t eat them in excess

4)   Veggies rock

5)   Fruit rocks too, but don’t live off of it. Especially if trying to lose fat fast.

Beyond that, it would be best to work with a coach that understands the reality of nutrition. Nutrition is specific to each individual and it’s just as important to have a nutrition coach as it is a fitness coach. Check out our Results + Program if you need a coach to get you on the right track.



getty imagesEat protein with every meal

Protein fuels metabolism and the amino acids from protein help rebuild broken down muscle from exercise. More importantly, lean protein is the macronutrient that is least likely to convert into body fat. Protein and veggies are always a safe bet to make sure you are eating a meal that will not only keep you from gaining, but could potentially help ignite a fire that burns fat.



Log your food

There is one thing that almost all of our most successful clients have done to get the best fat loss results; food journaling. Use an app like Lose It or My Fitness Pal to easily log your food, and keep track of what your diet REALLY looks like. Both apps also give you a breakdown of nutrients and keep track of how many calories you have left to eat in a day. There is NOTHING that will help more than logging your food. NOTHING.



Plan tomorrow tonight getty images

This advice is great for everything in life, not just fat loss. Failure to plan is planning to fail and this is the simplest way to plan. Basically, every night before you go to bed take a look at your calendar for the next day. (If you don’t have a calendar, you NEED one) Look at your day and what you have going on and ask yourself, “When am I going to eat?” You will know if you need to prepare something, eat at a different time than normal, bring a snack, or whatever needs to be done to make sure you are setting yourself up for success. Between this and logging your food, you are planning to succeed, not planning to fail.


Following any one of these steps that you currently do not, will undoubtedly increase your fat loss results, but if you make the commitment to follow each of these 6 steps I guarantee you will lose fat fast!

Steve Long CPT, FMS, TPI



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