Angie and Steve with TC PrizeCongratulations to CFR’s Transformation winner Angie Randazzo! Angie had gained a few pounds and wanted to get rid of it. She is a firm believer that it is easy to gain a pound or two, but if you accept it, before you know it, you will be a size you are unhappy with. Way to be proactive Angie!

Angie joined the challenge as a fit individual looking to lose just a few pounds and some inches around the waist. Well mission accomplished! Angie lost a total of 8 inches, 8 pounds, and 29.6% body fat percentage! Of those 8 inches, 2 of them were from her waist. Besides being down in size Angie is up $1,000, one massage, and a month of semi-private training.

Here is what Angie did:

  1. Rocked Large Group Training 3-4 times per week
  2. Cut out diet soda and other artificial sweeteners
  3. Focused on eating natural foods
  4. Decreased alcohol consumption
  5. Made sure she was getting enough sleep

Angie said the most beneficial thing she did was changing what she ate. She eliminated food that contained toxins. If your liver is busy filtering toxins it cannot effectively filter out fat. Diet soda and other foods with artificial sweeteners are a few examples of common toxins in people’s diet.  Angie’s diet is now rich in organic fruits and veggies, and hormone-free chicken and meat. Angie said. “Once I made all these changes, that’s when I lost the 7-8 pounds, despite working out less!” Angie put a lot of effort into making healthy changes and it definitely paid off! I know she feels better and plans on continuing with her changes.

What might you ask, is Angie going to do with her $1,000? Well, Angie, being the sweet and thoughtful person that she is, is going to use it to help throw her sister and brother-in-law a 25th Anniversary Party! Way to pay it forward!

Congrats Angie on all of your success! You are such a great addition to the CFR family!

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