Stephanie Flynn- CFR's first EVER Smarty of the Month

Stephanie Flynn- CFR’s first EVER Smarty of the Month

CFR would like to recognize and congratulate Stephanie Flynn as our first EVER Smarty (Member) of the Month! While we love all of our members, we couldn’t help but notice a big change in Stephanie these past few months. It appears that inches have just melted away!It all started 20 months ago and a few pounds heavier when Stephanie was dreading an upcoming family beach vacation. Most anyone can relate to that daunting feeling of having to put on a swimsuit. Instead of complaining about it and doing nothing, with the help and encouragement of her sister, Stephanie began her journey at CFR. She started training with Dave once a week and soon increased it to two times per week. For Stephanie working out was something that she could become jaded with very easily, but the multiple workouts, accountability, and encouragement of Dave along with feeling stronger, kept her coming back.


All of this was good, but joining the Transformation Challenge in January and an upcoming birthday helped her to really focus and kick it into gear. When asked what she was doing differently now, she responded, “Everything!” But, to be a little more specific, she has increased her workouts by adding Large Group Training (LGT), planned her meals, ate breakfast every day, cut down on alcohol, increased greens and water, and started to cook more. She even mentioned that she may be a 6am LGT convert, which is HUGE!


All of these changes have made a world of difference! Anyone who knows Stephanie, is aware that she probably doesn’t give herself enough credit for all that she has accomplished. You can tell her mindset has change and she is making healthy habits that will last for a lifetime. You can see the commitment she has made to herself, as well as an unquestionable dedication and focus.


Here are Stephanie’s top five tips for those who are trying to lose weight and stay motivated:

  1. Make it a lifestyle change and a priority! (I couldn’t agree more with that statement!)
  2. Surround yourself with people who will support you and your goals. Having a friend who will go out on a Friday night and not push you to drink, a family member who helps you take your first step in the form of a gift card to a gym and provides healthy menu ideas, or an encouraging trainer, can make all the difference!
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Join a contest! This really helped to give her a timeline and that extra push.
  5. Use Pinterest. Stephanie created boards containing motivational quotes, recipes, movements, and workouts. These helped to inspire and motivate her along the way and will hopefully keep her transformation alive.


Stephanie, on behalf of everyone at CFR, congratulations on all your success! Keep up all of your hard work and the healthy lifestyle that you have created! We are so proud of you!

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