In this blog post, we want to share our Complete Fitness Results Scavenger Hunt list, and what the winner did to complete the hunt in only 5 days!!


We also want to share her thoughts on the Scavenger Hunt so you know what to expect next time!


First off, congrats to our winner, Michelle Goeke!!!! She told me before it even started that she was going to win. It’s great to see her buckle down and do whatever it took to make that happen,


Here is the list of things she accomplished in only 5 days.


Complete 1 personal training session at Complete Fitness Results and bring in business card of the trainer you worked with – Took training class with Josh on 1/15


Take a Smart Group Training class at Complete Fitness Results and bring in business card of the trainer who ran the class. – Semi-Private session with Caitlin on 1/18 – (I have one picture attached with 4 business cards)



Go for a hike and bring back pamphlet or selfie on the trail – picture on trail attached – this was great i did it on my lunch hour and loved it – needed to get out – but for the challenge, though I wouldn’t have gone



Try new healthy recipe. Bring a pic of the finished meal and recipe. (Or feel free to bring us the food 🙂) –I tried a new chicken taco recipe – cilantro lime chicken tacos instead of taco packet i made my own (pics attached)-  I also made a mexican rice to go with it – pretty good also –


Figure out a way to make your favorite dessert recipe more healthy. Bring a pic of the finished meal and recipe. – Chocolate chip cookies into peanut butter chocolate chip protein balls – also delicious – pic attached



Try on new fruit or vegetable. Bring us a pic of the veggie or meal that you used it in.
So i did this 2 times – out to dinner i got salmon with a brussel sprout hash and butternut squash puree (have made butternut squash before, but never in a puree form) also roasted golden beets – never cooked a beet before – pics attached



Read a book on fitness or nutrition. Bring in the book for us to see.


Downloaded on kindle – book is The Fitness Mindset. Sending you a screenshot.


Make a gratitude list add one thing each day until you complete all other tasks.

                 My Gratitude List


    1. 1/15 – Grateful for my husband
    2. 1 /16 – grateful for my friends and family
    3. 1/17 – Grateful I am healthy enough to go to CFR
    4. 1/18 – Grateful for my ability to travel
    5. 1/19 – Grateful that I have a job that I like which allows me to make an income
Read a fitness related article. Print it out and bring it in.


Get a massage. Bring in a card from your massage therapist.
1/18 – Barry – business card attached


Take a yoga class. Bring in a card from your yoga teacher. Feel free to come to one of our yoga classes for free.
Took my first ever yoga class today with Heidi


Pick up a copy of terrain magazine. – Terrain Magazine – went to fit flavors to get – also got a smoothie while there


Go to a farmers market or approved healthy grocery store. Bring a selfie of you at the market.


1/18 – for the first time ever i went into whole foods – i bought peanut butter, dried cranberries and beets for these challenges



Check out a new healthy restaurant. Bring in a pic of the menu. – Tried Garbanzo  on 1/15 –  pics attached –



Bring a healthy lunch to work. Take a pic of what you made.- On Friday – 1/17 I took grilled chicken, carrots, hummus and an apple to work for lunch – pic attached



Make a workout playlist. Take a screen shot of or write down your playlist and bring it in.

Lets get ready to rumble

Shut up and dance with me

Uptown funk

Shook me all night long

Living on a prayer


Push It

Eye of the Tiger

Welcome to the Jungle

We will rock you

Fishin in the Dark

Mountain music

Dixieland delight

Waiting for tonight

All Star

Smooth Criminal

Hurt So Good

Wanted Dead or Alive

Jack and Diane

Hakuna Matata


Download a health and fitness app. Show us the app on your phone or electronic device. – I downloaded Noom to see what it was all about



I’m so glad I participated in the Complete Fitness Results Scavenger Hunt. I forced me to try and do some things that I really enjoyed but would not have tried. I went on a hike during my lunch hour. It was a busy stressful week so I typically work through lunch. Going outside for the hike allowed me to 1. spend some time with a co-worker i asked to go along, 2. reset for the afternoon, and 3. get my steps in for the day and increase my heart rate. The article I read on sleep focused on the importance of sleep and how a schedule can help. I’m going to give the schedule a try and see if it makes my sleep better. The healthy dessert is now in my fridge and I have it to eat instead of junk this week. The healthy recipe made me look for new recipes, and I found multiple I want to try. The book I read was a combination of nutrition, fitness and mindset and so much of the fitness is exactly what we do at CFR. I realized I have a lot to be grateful for and I’m grateful for the Complete Fitness Results family doing things like this to push me to be better. I tried Yoga for the first time ever – and I will likely do it again!

I’m so glad I signed up for this challenge. It forced me to try and do some things that I really enjoyed but would not have tried. Doing all of the activities sparked a desire to continue to improve my health and to pick a couple of small things to focus on and make a part of my routine. Once they are a habit, I can pick something else to make a habit. Eventually small habits will bring about big changes.
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