Geralyn Smarty of the Month April 2013CFR would like to congratulate Geralyn Lynch for earning the title of April’s CFR Smarty of the Month! A year ago Geralyn walked in Complete Fitness Results a completely different person. She was not very happy with the way she looked or felt and needed to change that. She started her journey at CFR by training with Mike and working on her nutrition with Suzanne.

When Geralyn first started exercising she was out of breath and couldn’t do a single push-up. In 6 months Geralyn shed 20 pounds and 11.5 inches! She has made even more progress since then! What’s even better is that Geralyn lost fat and gained muscle! She is now breathing like a pro and is able to do multiple push-ups from the ground!

When ask what she changed to start seeing results Geralyn responded, “I am exercising regularly and I am eating better.” She added more protein and healthier carbs like fruits and veggies to her diet while cutting down on “junk” food.  Geralyn admits to not being perfect saying, “It is a challenge for me to make better food choices, and I don’t always make the right choice. But I don’t beat myself up about it; I just keep trying every day.” This is really good advice. NO one is perfect. It is important to remember to not let one choice ruin the rest of your day or cause you to give up!

Geralyn’s biggest piece of advice to people who are struggling with motivation or weight loss is to START EXERCISING! (I couldn’t agree more! You won’t know what you are missing until you start!)

Congrats again Geralyn! You have really accomplished a lot in the year you have been with us and we look forward to many more!

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