The birddog is the first place we like to go after establishing core control while on the floor.  This is an extension of the deadbug, and we’re looking for the exact same things.  If you haven’t checked that one out, be sure to click the hyperlink and see what the deadbug is all about.

The main difference between the deadbug and the birddog is basically the position.  The details don’t really change all that much.  During the deadbug, we learn how to move our arms and legs without compensating through the spine.  The spine remains in contact with the floor the entire time and we learn how to integrate limb movement without the need to move the spine, pelvis, or ribs.

With the birddog, we start integrating the exact same mechanics, but the position changes.  After we establish good control on the floor, we need to progress and let gravity start effecting the body and the way we move.  By switching to all fours, we do just that.  Now our spine is no longer on the ground.  The spine is now floating in three dimensional space and we need to learn how to control the movement of our limbs without the use of the spine.

Check out the video below to gain a little more insight to the birddog and how we use it here at Complete Fitness Results.


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