Do you limit carbs in your diet or eliminate them completely? I am here to weaken this obsession, fight the stigma, and change the way you look at carbohydrates. Carbs are actually our friends. Keep in mind, when I speak of carbs in this article there are two kinds…

Good (complex) carbs:

    • Whole grains
    • whole wheats
    • brown rice
    • whole-wheat flour
    • beans
    • vegetables and fruits

Bad carbs (simple):

    • sugars
    • refined/white grains.

7 Reasons To Eat Carbs


#1: Slim Figure

Studies have shown that individuals who eat more carbs are more likely to stay slim than those who limit carbs too much. A healthy percentage to stay at on a daily basis would be to attribute over 50% of your caloric intake to the right carbohydrates. If you limit your carbohydrate intake too much, your energy is likely to decrease, as carbs are your fuel.

#2: Stay full, longer

Good carbs are good at suppressing your appetite. Whole grains, whole wheats, brown rice, resistant starches, vegetables, and the like are digested at a slower rate than simple/bad carbs are. your belly feel full and allows your brain to work properly. Not to mention all the nutrients that are provided in good carbs as they are not refined or stripped of their nutrients. Nice! The fuller you feel, the less you will eat. This is a recipe for success!

#3: Curb hunger

Complex/good carbs curb your hunger. It’s as simple as that. Fiber and resistant starches curb your hunger and cravings, as well. By eating the right carbs, you are fulfilling your “craving”, while also nourishing your body. Consuming  the right kind of carbs with the same delicious taste as the simple carbs is a mental battle you must play against your brain.

#4: Control blood sugar and diabetes

Studies have shown that diabetics who consume the right kinds of carbohydrates are more likely to lower their blood sugar and insulin reaction after a meal by 38%. It is important to know that you CAN and should eat the carbs you would like to eat. However, there are good and bad. There is too much and there is just enough. You need to be able to moderate it.

#5: Help boost metabolism

The right carbs feed your natural fat burners. They release fatty acids into your digestive system. These fatty acids encourage fat burning in your stomach and other places in the body. A higher metabolism helps you lose weight faster.

#6: Satisfy your brain

Carbohydrates perform as satisfiers to the pallet. Triggers in your brain, when consuming good carbs, immediately are turned on and recognize that you are becoming full or are already full. Fullness hormones are released which will cause your cells to become more sensitive to insulin. Therefore, by increasing your consumption of good carbs, your hunger and cravings will decrease.

#7: Feel empowered

When you lose weight while consuming carbs and not exactly by reducing your carb intake, you are likely to feel more empowered. By choosing healthier carbs and shedding excess weight, you are proving all of the horrible dietary habits wrong. You are showing everyone that a healthy lifestyle is a wholesome lifestyle that leaves you full and satisfied.

Conclusion: Fuel your body!

All in all, your body needs fuel. Much of the fuel your body needs comes from complex/good carbohydrates. However, don’t forget about proteins and fats! Your body needs each one of these nutrients in moderation in order to perform the way it should. Don’t deprive your brain, your body, your belly, or your taste buds of what you truly want to eat.

Tell us in the comments below what you’ve found to be the best reason to eat carbs!


By: Abbey Wilson
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