It’s April already. Can you believe it?

Spring is in the air, the sun finally decided to show its face, and we’ve now had a couple of warm weather, beautiful weekends. With it being spring, that means we’ve just finished another Transformation Contest.

Each year, we host our annual New Year’s Transformation Challenge. This year was no different. Over the past eight weeks, we’ve had an awesome group of people coming in on a regular basis to train with us. Not only did this group of people lock in their fitness plans, they also did an amazing job of cleaning up their diets as well.

The results we’ve seen over the past eight weeks doesn’t come from training alone. Our top ten participants did what it takes to get results. They locked it down and resisted the temptation to cheat. They had a goal in mind and they didn’t let the world tempt them. Since they showed up for their workouts, fueled their bodies with nutritious foods and got adequate rest, they got serious results.

Our challenge this year was based upon two specific measurements. They were both circumference measurements. We simply measured the waist and the hips. These two measurements have been correlated to living a healthy life, so we figured there’d be no better way to measure. Simply measuring these two areas can give you a good idea of your progress. Our top five contestants didn’t lose too much scale weight, but they shed a bunch of inches. That means fat loss to me.

Check out some of the results from our top five:

5th Place – Kristen Soens – 5 1/2 inches lost total (7.41%)
4th Place – Constance Dillon – 6 ¼ inches lost total (7.74%)
3rd Place – Christina Lee – 5 ¾ inches lost total (8.46%)

2nd Place – Ed Albin – 8 ¼ inches lost total (10.03%)

transformation 1


1st place – Nicole Jercinovich – 8 ¾ inches lost total (11.25%)

Transformation winner

We want to thank everyone that participated in our challenge this year. With another transformation challenge under our belt, we’re excited for what the rest of 2015 will bring us. We’ve planned out our new annual training program, we’ve gotten the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed, and we’re ready to help our members get some serious results this year.

If you participated in the event, or want to experience results similar to theirs, feel free to give CFR a shot this year. If losing a bunch of weight, dropping pants sizes and getting in the best shape of your life interests you, Complete Fitness Results is here to help! And if that’s not enough incentive to join our family, we’re also offering one month FREE on all of our 12 month plans.

If you’re interested in taking us up on the FREE training, please feel free to email Steve at [email protected] or call us at 314-402-2238!

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