This week’s newsletter is all about corrective movement. Our goal in here is to move past the trendy nature of the phrase and grab the kernel of truth that makes a difference in your workouts and your life.

Want to set a PR? Want to life groceries without tweaking that place in your back? Corrective exercise is how you get both of those things.

Every movement you make is based on a set of functional mechanical parts. You can use them harmoniously and smoothly, with everything in line, or you can use them in a compensatory way, without balance and equitable work distribution. Our goal, every workout and every day, is to correct movements so that they utilize that mechanical system efficiently and without pain or injury.

That’s where corrective movement comes in. Any exercise can be a corrective exercise if it’s performed mindfully and with excellent form. If you can squat now but have some imperfection in your form repeating that exercise can lead to long-term issues. But if you clean up the squat, paying painstaking attention to alignment, form, and balance, it serves you in a whole new way. Now you’re building a platform you can hang further growth on, while avoiding injury and chronic issues.

Check out these links for further thoughts and come talk to us about a Functional Movement Screen to identify current issues and a personalized program to treat those and prevent further problems.

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Finally, know that everyone can benefit from corrective exercise. We’ll be following one client’s progress here as she heads back to the gym after injury, because stories about real people are fascinating, but every single one of us has moments where minor corrections can lead to huge benefits.

See you next week!


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