If you’ve trained at CFR in the past couple years, you’re probably no stranger to the deadbug.  The deadbug is an amazing exercise that will help enhance core stability and teach you how to maintain neutral spine while moving the arms and legs.

This is by far one of our favorite core exercises due to it’s simplicity.  Just because we’re saying it’s simple, it doesn’t mean that it’s simple to perform.  If you’re new to this exercise, the deadbug can be very difficult to perform properly.  Here are some of the common errors we see with the deadbug:

  • You low back may arch while trying to move an arm or leg.  Feel the pressure on the floor.  The floor gives you great feedback.
  • Your chin is up in the air and you’ve lost your “packed neck” position.  Keep your chin tucked to maintain a neutral cervical spine.
  • You may have to hold your breath.  Try to learn how to slowly exhale while moving the arms and legs.

Watch the video description below and give it a shot!


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