‘Tis the season to be too busy to think! No worries, we have some suggestions to keep you on track when the chaos of the holiday season starts to derail you.

December 1
Go sledding. It is fun for the whole family and great exercise!

December 2
Stay home from work if you are feeling ill. You will get better faster and expose fewer people to your illness.

December 3
Do you have the winter blues today?  If so, try a handful of mood-boosting walnuts.

December 4

Treat yourself to fresh-squeezed orange juice for breakfat.Stock up on oranges while they are in season!

December 5
Take a family walk to check out the holiday lights in the neighborhood!

December 6
Serve leftovers for breakfast when you do not feel like eating the typical breakfast foods.

December 7
Have an ice skating party!

December 8
Make fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice this morning.

December 9
Serve raw vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrot sticks, celery, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber slices with hummus at your next party, instead of a bowl of potato chips.

December 10
For a healthier holiday treat, try making baked apples topped with vanilla, cinnamon and almonds or pecans.

December 11
Purchase “loin” and “round cuts” at the store, with “choice” and “select” grades as the healthiest meat options. Do not forget to trim off the excess fat before cooking.

December 12
Follow these tips for thawing meat. If you are making a dish tonight with meat or fish that is frozen, make sure to thaw it in refrigerator (not on the counter) in a dish that can catch the drips or juices. You also can thaw food in cold water or the microwave, but make sure to cook it immediately after thawing.

December 13
Create a holiday-themed red and green salad for dinner, made with in-season radicchio and spinach.

December 14
Try a meatless chili made with no-salt canned beans, no-salt canned tomatoes, your favorite vegetables, and spices. Top with a few slices of avocado or 1 ounce of low-fat shredded cheese.

December 15
Make sure to cook kidney beans thoroughly, if you are cooking your own kidney beans for chili. Undercooked kidney beans can have plant toxins that cause illness.

December 16
Purchase a family season pass for a nearby theme park, museum, or aquarium. All of the walking and running around you do is great exercise.

December 17
Have a date with a friend who is always late? Walk around while you are waiting for them instead of sitting or standing around getting progressively more annoyed.

December 18
Keep your ears warm when you exercise outdoors today by wearing a hat or headband.

December 19
Switch out your sandwich bread for a lettuce wrap. Spread with your favorite mustard or hummus. Top with a slice of turkey or ham, low-fat cheese, tomato, and lettuce. Then just roll it up!

December 20
Buy raw nuts and toast them at home for maximum flavor and no salt!

December 21
Eat small meals every 4 hours today to keep up your energy and your metabolism.

December 22
Are you trapped indoors? Boost your metabolism with an impromptu tabata or dancing around your living room like no one is looking!

December 23
Add a serving of fruit or vegetables to your diet today. Aim for 8 to 10 servings daily!

December 24
Serve pasteurized cider at holiday gatherings to make sure people are not exposed to bacteria.

December 25
Make safe eggnog for the holiday by skipping the booze and using only pasteurized shell eggs, powdered egg whites, or frozen or liquid pasteurized egg products.

December 26
Take a long, brisk walk with the family to burn off those Christmas dinner calories!

December 27
Keep active while watching television! Do squats or mountain climbers during commercials.

December 28
Substitute traditional grains with things like quinoa, flaxseed and coconut flour when you can.

December 29
Wear baby carrier to hold your young child to burn extra calories.

December 30
Try quinoa flakes instead of oatmeal for a filling hot cereal, add some walnuts and use almond milk for added protein and calcium.

December 31

Upgrade your CFR membership for your New Year’s resolution and get your co-workers, family and friends to join. That way, all of you can work out together in the New Year and you increase your chances of getting lifelong results when everyone in your bubble is on board!

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