By: Suzanne Doerries RD, LD

Fiber can help you get your health off the ground.

It will fill you up and keep you from getting round.

Now soluble fiber really is key;

it helps lower cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease.

In diabetes prevention and management it also plays a role.

It helps to lower blood sugar and keep it under control.

Whether it’s from citrus fruits, berries, oats, or beans,

getting enough soluble fiber is an important thing.

Insoluble fiber should not be forgot.

It will keep you regular without a doubt.

Your risk of diverticulosis will decrease as well.

Isn’t insoluble fiber really swell?!

Whole grains and vegetables are great examples

when trying to make sure your bowel movements are ample.

You should aim for 25-28 grams of fiber a day.

This much should help keep the doctor away.

But, use caution when adding fiber to your diet.

Too much, too fast could leave your stomach in a riot.

Adding a little at a time is what you should do.

Drinking plenty of water is a definite must too.

This nondigestible carbohydrate sure is a wonder.

Remember to stop and thank the plants that they come from.

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