A while back I asked our readers what they wanted to learn about fatloss.

I wanted to know what people needed to know to really help them achieve ther fat loss and fitness goals.

While I did get a good amount of responses asking specific fatloss questions, the overwhelming amount of readers informed me that they have a decent idea of what to do to reach their fat loss goals, they just don’t do it. They try for a while and quit, or never start at all.

I realized that people asking the specific questions where the ones who were having the best results, and the ones who were struggling where searching for motivation.

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So what’s the difference between people who succeed with fat loss and those who have a hard time? In the process of training hundreds of people over the years, I’ve noticed what successful clients do that the others don’t. Here are a few traits of the most successful clients

They Know Exactly What They Want

You have to know exactly what you are working for to stay motivated and consistent. It’s very important to set a specific long term and short term goal that you are trying to achieve. This is basic goal setting. More on goal setting below.

They Know Why

Even more important that what, is why. Knowing why is what keeps you motivated. You have to a have a reason and acknowledge your reasons to yourself. Real reasons, not why people or books tell you should be fit, but the real reason you want it.

You have to want to do something to stick with it. Why do you want to workout and eat right? You probably don’t. You just want what comes from eating right and exercise. That is your reason for doing it. The payoff is much more rewarding than the work.

They Are In It Long Term

Long term fat loss takes long term effort. You can’t expect to rip off fat fast and keep it off. You gained it slow you have to lose it slow. It’s also important to know that you have to have a nutrition plan you can stick to for life and you have to cheat! Eat right 90% of the time and exercise consistently and you will have great results. Just know that you have to do this for life and get out of the mindset that you can keep going up and down the roller coaster. It doesn’t work. Invest in yourself and invest in fitness for life.

They Have Confidence and Don’t Make Excuses

Most people fail because deep inside they think they will fail. Guess what? The people who have had success aren’t any more special than you. Genetics aren’t making you fat, the man isn’t holding you down, you DO have time to exercise, and no one is shoving food down your face.

Anyone can have great fat loss results. You are a smart and special person who can figure this out and stick to it. Think of all the things you have done in the past that you thought you couldn’t do. Even as simple as riding a bike. It seemed so hard at one time, but now its second nature. Eating healthy and consistent exercise can be second nature just like riding the bike. You just have to practice and not give up.

They Have A Step By Step Plan

You have to have a plan and you have to write it down. It doesn’t have to be much, but at least write down the following:

  1. Long term goal
  2. Why you want it
  3. Steps you will take to achieve it
  4. Potential Obstacles
  5. Solutions to Obstacles
  6. 3 short term actions to help you achieve it
  7. How you will reward yourself when you do achieve it

Mapping out those things will give you a conscience plan of what you want and why you are working for it. You have to remember why you want this when those times of temptation or mediocrity hit.

In summary, there are really two major traits of the people who achieve fat loss success that can be summed up in one sentence. People who achieve success in fatloss want it bad and remember they want it bad at all times.

Do you want it bad?


What are you going to do about it?

If you want it bad, start your journey by asking yourself if you possess the above traits, and if so start working on a long term plan to achieve fat loss success!

If you need more help with motivation, setting goals, or conquering self sabotage please visit https://www.completefitnessresults.com to set up a consultation to learn about how Complete Fitness Results can help you reach your goals.


Steve Long

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