When I first started Complete Fitness Results I did goal setting, progress tracking, and nutrition coaching with every client who signed up for anything that we offered. This was a great idea because our clients got amazing results that lasted to this day. It really established us as a company who cares about our client’s results. That’s what we’re all about; educating open-minded people who want results on how to get those desired results.

However, as CFR grew it became impossible to do those sessions with all of our clients. We had over 300 clients at one point! Just imagine trying to do 300+ goal setting sessions per month on top of training, and running the business side. Impossible.

So I brought in a dietician and eventually a wellness coach. Although these people were amazing at what they did, the one on one model of coaching just doesn’t work. Honestly, one on one time has to be a premium price that no one wants to pay.


You shouldn’t have to be filthy rich to get the results you want. getty images

We’ve tried many ways to get everyone more on board with setting goals. Also, we’ve tried to educate more in the groups and having the trainers be the ones responsible for goals and nutrition. None of those ideas are really thorough for you the client and some of those ideas were financially terrible for the gym.


The problem with trying to get everyone on board is that not everyone cares!!

That’s ok, not everyone needs to care. Some people come to CFR to make major changes. A lot of people come to CFR because they know they need to stay fit and they are looking for a place to make sure they are doing it right. Their nutrition is fine, but their goals are to come to their workouts regularly and their progress doesn’t matter. They just want to stay the same and/or make slow but steady progress.

So I’m not going to increase costs for everyone and increase our time and effort trying to get data no one cares about.


BUT, for those who DO CARE, we do have a solution.Results+ Logo

I can’t run a gym that just focuses on workouts. We have the option to change lives.

I rack my brain daily thinking about how to make this happen. How I can help those who need it without charging so much that you have to be filthy rich to get results.


So after 6 months of planning, I’m proud to bring you our newest program, Results +


Here is what you receive as a Results + member:

One Monthly Small Group Nutrition and Accountability Session: Groups will max out at 6-8 people. The first session will be a goal setting session. From there each lesson will be taught in small groups to increase social support, increase motivation, increase the learning experience, and save on total cost. Think of this as the semi private of nutrition instead of one on one personal training.

One Monthly Check in Call or Email – We want to make sure that we are checking in on those who care to make sure we’re doing everything we can to ensure your results.

Unlimited Email Support with a Wellness Coach – You will get priority access to make sure all of your questions get answered. This is a way of following up with you without having to charge you for an appointment.

Access to our Online Results+ Support Group – Our Facebook groups in our competitions and detoxes have really brought people together to learn and get better results. Again, social support is huge and this online group makes it possible to have a support group everywhere you go!

Weekly Nutrition Lesson via Email – We want to give the people who care more information on how to get results and keep them off!!

A Little Extra Attention from our Training Team – Being in Results + is like wearing a badge that says “CARE MORE ABOUT ME” to our staff.Dave coaching side plank


Since I’m still dedicated to making sure you don’t have to be filthy rich to get results, the price on this program is only going to be $50 for members and $100 for non-members per month!!! I’m not in this industry to get rich, I’m in it to help people get results and be happy. That’s something that I wont forget!


There is one issue however.

Due to us wanting to make sure this program is the utmost in quality, we don’t want to accept too many people at one time. That’s why we are only accepting 6 people right now and will grow the program at roughly 3-4 people each month.

We don’t have a signup link, because I’m sure there will be a waiting list. So if you want to get started on Results + the only way to get signed up is to email [email protected]. As we move forward we will announce spots as they open up.

So if you are ready to get the best results possible shoot me an email and we will get you enrolled in what I think is the best value in the fitness industry. CFR Results +


For more information on Results + check out the link below


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