By: Kristen Banocy, RYT

“Focus the eyes. Focus the breath. Then, the mind will follow suit.”

I’ve been saying this a lot in my classes lately. It’s one of those teaching tid bits I picked up while taking class in my off time. Prior to this suggestion, I’ve realized, I really was not giving the eyes enough attention. The breath to mind connection made sense to me. Focus the breath to focus the mind. Got it. The eyes however, were more of a balance factor. Merely a physical cue to stay on my leg.

One of the ideas that most draws me to yoga, is taking the challenges and triumphs found on the mat, into our everyday lives. I truly believe that as I practice finding stillness and balance in my body, I strengthen the ability to find stillness and balance in my mind and heart. Everyday situations can be approached with the knowledge that I have practiced and refined the skills needed to address life’s many challenges and opportunities.

Focus the eyes. Yes, find your drishti. It will help you balance. The quivering muscles will begin to relax into a steady strength. Focus the eyes. See what you want. See where you are. See the beauty that is this life.

Focus the breath. In and out through the nose. You control the length and direction of each and every breath. Be. Be where you are and get where you want to go. Do so with intention and vigor.

Then, the mind follows suit. It takes practice and it is not a linear route. It may be two steps forward and one step back, but the mind will follow suit. You will begin to find comfort, both in stillness and in chaos, where once there was anxiety. Comfort lying in savasana on your mat. Comfort being wherever you are on your journey off the mat.

Focus the eyes. Focus the breath. Then, the mind will follow suit.

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