First, about food. You need it to live and training creates increased demand on your body, leading to an increased need to think about and supply excellent food.

Talk to a nutritionist for specific dietary recommendations (and let us know if you need a referral because we know some good ones) but in general remember that food is one of the most powerful tools you have available to make physical changes happen.

A few resources are here, but please remember that no advice works for everyone. Pick what makes sense for you and don’t change up too many variables at once.

4 Food Rules for Strength Training

Eating Bird Food

What Women Should Eat to Build Muscle

Next, let’s hear more from Brian. His interest in fitness started in high school. “Prior to that point I played sports and spent lots of time moving but became more interested in physical performance as sports became more competitive.” That makes sense for a lot of reasons. As you level up in your physical endeavors it requires more information and planning to improve. Brian mentions “Aside from what I learned from past coaches and the internet I didn’t have nearly the direction and knowledge I do now.”

What disciplines have contributed to his personal fitness routine? “From playing sports in middle and high school I learned a lot about how much commitment one needs to actually do well at anything. It taught me accountability to teammates and how to schedule work and recovery. I think my past in band has helped, too. Music can be very repetitive at times, but that practice is what need to happen for quality performance. Also, coaching swim has taught me more about scheduling and the uniqueness of each person, including me.”

Does he have any personal fitness goals this year? He hasn’t gotten very specific yet (remember that specificity increases success!) but he’s thinking about working toward swimming without shoulder pain this summer, correcting weak links found in his TPI screen, and using fitness to aid in his leisure activities. These are brilliant starts toward goals because our goal at CFR is to create a lifestyle for every client that builds on their fitness work and makes their day to day activities better. Plus, recuperation from injury is always the goal! (Interested in learning more about the TPI screening process?

How to Use the TPI Screen

Brian’s favorite piece of advice for clients is universally excellent. “It always depends on the individual and how they are that day but I think a good encouragement to anybody is the reminder that we’re all individuals, very unique. Take your fitness journey ONE step at a time.”

Thanks, Brian! We appreciate your dedication to growing your knowledge base and helping clients every day.

Finally, check us out on YouTube! We have our first Tips From the Trainers video up and want your feedback. It’s here as well, in case the click is too much work.


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