Some people do outdoor things all year round. Most of us, though, are super active outside during the spring, summer, and fall but when winter hits it’s time to hibernate. I long for the days of summer activity around the beginning of February and when that happens these four tips can help make winter more tolerable.

 1. Learn

I’ve personally been watching tons of YouTube videos on ways to lighten up my backpack for backpacking trips, along with kayak fishing videos, and many other educational videos that pertain to the things I love to do. Although I can’t be active in those activities, doing this at least gets me slightly involved.  It’s not the same as being outdoors by any means, but it helps a little. I get to plan and visualize while I wait out winter.

 2. Prep Gear

Now is the time to clean out your tents of all the ruckus that’s in the bottom, get a new pair of running shoes, put new string on all your fishing reels, get your bike tuned up and ready, or shop around and see what’s new out there that can help you make your activity more enjoyable.

3. Head South

As I wrote this I was planning a trip to Florida to go deep-sea fishing with my friend Jared. At least one time during the winter I like to try to go south and find someplace warm to do something active whether it’s deep-sea fishing, playing golf, or hunting, it really doesn’t matter. I just need one week in the winter to get out of the cold and go do something to help maintain sanity.

4. Prepare Your Body

For a lot of athletes winter is the time for off-season training. And that’s especially true for any summer time outdoor enthusiast. Hikers, runners, cyclists, backpackers, even tourists who want to make sure they enjoy their vacations should use this time to get their body prepared for what they love to do. I may not be able to do the things I want to do right now, but training for them makes me feel kind of like I’m doing it. Plus, you get to enjoy the bazillion benefits that you get from working out like feeling better, looking better, and living a longer life.

This year I want to help as many people as I can (but realistically about 20) prepare their bodies for their summertime activities. We have a fantastic program going on at CFR to help you do just that! Click below to learn more about getting over the winter blues and make sure you’re as prepared as possible for your outdoor activities!

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