Get out and train: try this outdoor workout

I have always been one of those people that can walk into a park saying, “I’m going to get a good workout in today.” And then all that happens is I end up running…While running may not be our favorite exercise choice, I don’t discourage it. However, what if we stopped to think about using our bodies as weight. It I quite literally one of the most efficient ways to get a good work out in. Here’s a good example of what that workout could look like:

Equipment: Body Weight, Jungle Gym Strap (If available, and THAT’S IT!!)

Strap the Jungle Gym to a Tree that might be about 50 to 70 yards from a park bench

Set 1

• 10 Push-ups on Park Bench Run to Jungle Gym

• 10 Suspended Rows Run back to the Park Bench

• Repeat 3-4 Times

Set 2

• 10 Box or Bench Squats

• Shuffle 20 Yards away and Shuffle Back

• 10 One Leg Glute Bridges

• Shuffle 20 Yards away and Shuffle Back
Same as above
Repeat 3-4 Times

Now it is essential when doing and outdoor workout that you understand the conditions you are going to be in. Hydration can play a HUGE role in the outcome of your workout.

Above is just one way you could possibly do a workout at the park or outside.

There are numerous ways to use park equipment to get a strength AND conditioning workout in. If you plan accordingly the next time you walk into a park you may not have to settle with a light run.

Use your body, use the outdoors. Get outside and workout!!

Nick Lape

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