CFR is proud to announce we will be offering Hurricane Training on Saturdays at 10:30am starting July 27th!

What is Hurricane Training?

The name Hurricane came from the fact that this style of training is brief yet powerful, like a hurricane. Just like a real hurricane hits an area, there must be a period of rebuilding after the workout to get back to normal.  The disruption caused by Hurricane Training creates the stimulus of rebuilding that burns fat and builds muscle.

Hurricane Training is centered on sprint work.  Sprinting involves the entire body, coordination, muscle building, and fat burning.  Sprinting is a fundamental human movement that is unfortunately rarely used by people after childhood.  Paired with the sprinting will be two upper body and/or core exercises.  After one set of sprinting and two upper body/core exercises is a one minute rest.  This allows the heart rate to lower and also enough rest to attack the next set at 100%! This is repeated three times for three rounds, with a 2-3 minute rest between rounds.

A month of  this 30-minute, total body workout is $49.99 for current CFR members and $69.99 for non-members. Contact [email protected] for questions or to sign up!

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