How important do you consider HYDRATION to your overall health and wellness?

If your answer isn’t VERY IMPORTANT, you should definitely keep reading. Water is vital to our health, without water our body cannot function or even survive.

Below I have listed some stuff we should all know about our body’s relationship with water:

*50-60% of our entire bodyweight is WATER!

*Water is needed to successfully eat, digest, transport nutrients to cells, discard waste, and to dissipate heat, via sweating

*Blood is made of approximately 93% water

*Muscle comprised of around 73% water

*Even Body Fat contains up to 10% water

*Water is constantly moving through your cells, and 4-10% of your body’s water gets replaced with ‘fresh’ water EVERYDAY

*Dehydration can definitely have a negative affect on athletic performance (loss of 10% of bodyweight from sweating can be life threatening, just 2% loss can result in loss of mental edge and reduce performance)

How much water we need everyday has been debated for some time. Some say eight glasses a day, others suggest half of your body weight converted into ounces (150lb person = 75oz of water), another being your bodyweight converted to KG (150lbs/2.2 =68KG =68oz water).

Don’t like math?! DON’T WORRY an equation isn’t necessary for proper hydration!

Your body KNOWS when you need water. When your body experiences an increased concentration of particles in your blood it triggers the sensation of thirst. So when you feel thirsty… YOU ARE ALREADY DEHYDRATED so drink up! Listen to your body and keep fresh water with you throughout your day. This way whenever you feel thirsty you can properly hydrate right away. Also, keep in mind any time you sweat you are losing more WATER so drink more to replace what you lost. The quickest way to feel more energized and just all-around better is to drink a nice tall glass of water. Cheers.

Drink up, friends!

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