By Teresa Johnson, Wellness Coordinator

On Thursday, I erased the goal board because it was a brand new month, so it’s time to write down a new goal! If you are still having trouble thinking of a good goal for the month, here are some more examples of goals that would be great to focus on this month:

*Get rid of one of your bracelets

*Work out 10 times this month

*Do corrective exercise at home once a day

The CFR staff has even joined in and written their goals on a mirror upstairs so that you can see that we also have goals we are working towards.

I’m sure some of you are asking, why are all of you making such a big deal of this whole goal board? The staff at CFR firmly believes that having a goal written down and visualizing yourself accomplishing it is the key to success, just like doing proper breathing and corrective exercise. As a staff we have been doing the exercise of writing our personal and CFR goals down weekly. We have all noticed an increase in our success level in many areas of our lives.

Additionally, I have all the Wellness clients set goals each week, and I have seen firsthand how much it helps with focus and accountability. Sure, not every client hits every goal all the time, but by having them develop and write down their goals, it pushes them to try and do more than if they hadn’t set or written down their goals.

As always, feel free to stop by and see me or email me [email protected] if you need help setting this month’s goal. Be sure to get something up on that board!

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