Did you ever wonder why we have such great affection for kettlebells and the exercises you can do with them?

Wonder no more!

Kettlebells are a unique tool in a trainer’s arsenal. They’re used for explosive workouts that combine strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility while strengthening your core. They’re unique in creating something called power-endurance, which is your ability to perform explosive movements over an extended period of time. They also teach your body how to cope with a constantly changing center of balance which, along with building killer core strength, gives you overall stability.

Their real value, though, lies in what happens outside your kettlebell workouts. You’re doing this work so that you can move through your life with more ease and stability, and that’s exactly what our training style is all about. Your hips will have more power, letting you lift groceries and stack boxes more easily. Your posture will improve due to your improved core strength, so you’ll have more staying power to stand on the sidelines watching your kid’s baseball game. And the improved flexibility and stability make every movement more comfortable and safer. You’re less likely to fall, less likely to injure yourself during other sports or activities, and more likely to enjoy your life.

Why are kettlebells so effective?

  • They are all about creating and controlling momentum, you can’t get this type of training using machines.
  • Their odd shape and off-center mass force you to use muscles in a way that mimics real-life movement.
  • Most kettlebell exercises are total body exercises. Everything is involved every time you lift a kettlebell.
  • You can use them to alternate periods of intense contraction with periods of controlled relaxation, building endurance and proper muscle timing.
  • They work your abs even when you’re not doing a core specific exercise.
  • They build cardiovascular endurance by thoroughly engaging the muscles usually used to assist breathing, forcing muscles to be more efficient and developing strength in those groups.
  • They bridge the gap between strength and cardio, which is key because sport and real life do not respect any boundaries between those two.
  • They are the very definition of a functional movement tool.

So get in here and lift some kettlebells! Safety is paramount, so please let any of us know if you’re new to kettlebells or struggling with any of the movements. Tiny adjustments can pay off big and we’re here to help.

Thank you so much for reading!

Steve Long


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