5.7.13 Tim Rowlad

CFR would like to congratulate May’s CFR Smarty of the Month, Tim Rowland! Tim came to CFR looking to change his life for the better. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and giving himself injections, Tim decided it was time to make a change. Since starting at CFR he has lost over 6 inches and 24 pounds! He is no longer on insulin and has his blood sugar under control!

Here’s what worked for Tim:

  1. Changing the head game. Tim explained, “It’s as much a mental workout as it is a physical one.  I stopped saying ‘I want to have that person’s body’ and said ‘I wonder what I would look like if I were as fit as they?’”
  2. No longer weighing himself at home. He even gave his scale to CFR! He focuses on how his clothes fit as well as, his energy level, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and performance in cycling.
  3. Increasing the number of fruits and veggies.
  4. Having smaller portions.
  5. Exercising 4-6 times per week.

Here is exactly what Tim said when asked what he would tell people who are struggling to get healthier:

Step 1: Throw away your scale. I’m serious. The only time you should step on a scale is in CFR with Suzanne taking your measurements. Without that, it’s data that’s useless and without context.

Step 2: NOW, write down your goals. (See? It’s harder when you can’t just say “I want to weigh X pounds.”) What do you want? I’m willing to bet if you stop and think about it, it’s not “I want to be thin.” Anything that begins “I want to weigh …” is disqualified. What do you want? Write it down.

Step 3: Show up and listen. Stop missing workouts. If your trainer says to lift a heavier weight, they’re not trying to get you to bulk up; it’s time for a heavier weight.  They actually know what they’re doing. Show up and listen.

Tim truly understands what it is like to make a lifestyle change. He knows that it requires hard work and dedication. He has put in the time and effort and has seen the pay off. Congrats Tim on all your success! Keep up the fantastic work!


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