March is Maximize Mobility Madness Month at Complete Fitness Results because we want to give you the freedom that increased mobility provides.

One of the biggest mobility issues we see is rounded upper body posture, or “hunchback” posture.

Hunchback posture from sitting at a desk or otherwise can be greatly improved with these 5 mobility exercises. Add them to your warmup or go through them 3-4 times as a mobility circuit. Let me know if you need a more in depth explanation of an exercise


Also, we are doing a promo for anyone who wants to try us out, and work on their mobility needs in March. For only $150 we will give you:

*4 Semi Private Personal Training Sessions*U​nlimited Group Classes. We are doing a group phase in March focused on Mobility, Stability, and Coordination.

*Workouts based on a thorough assessment. We will find what your needs are and give you specific exercises.

*Access to our Yoga classes on Wednesday and Sunday.

*Exercises that you can do at home to focus on your biggest mobility needs.

All for only $150

Just email [email protected] to get started!


Hunchback Mobility Exercises
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