First, let’s learn more about Caitlin. Her interest in fitness was born of a desire for personal improvement. In her words, “I was a small kid that always got picked second to last for PE dodgeball. When I got into high school I worked hard to make myself stronger so that I could advance in sports. That’s when I fell in love with strength training.”

Everyone who pursues fitness develops their favorite disciplines and experiments until they find what works for them. Caitlin loves dance and soccer, strives for balance and moderation, and believes that proper nutrition, lots of water, and getting enough rest all play a role in fitness success. She’s also a realist. “Always do your best and know that is going to look different depending on the day.”

We asked Caitlin to tell us about a time she needed to make a change or addition to her fitness routine. This can happen to anyone and reasons vary from boredom to injury, but fitness is always an evolving process. Caitlin’s story was incredibly compelling and shows how necessary it is for even someone who trains regularly to review their processes and look for ways to improve things for themselves. “Before I began training at CFR I lifted weights every day. I experienced back and shoulder pain and was confused because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong to cause my discomfort. Then I learned about posture, proper breathing, and the benefits of incorporating corrective exercise into a fitness program.”

Planning for improvement keeps things from getting stale and keeps you moving in the right direction. Caitlin’s goals are “consistency and strength gains. Making time to work out can be the biggest obstacle to keep us from reaching our goals. Just showing up to the gym is 80% of the battle.”

And finally, a reminder of Caitlin’s favorite advice for clients: “Be kind to yourself. Patience will go a long way when working towards a goal. Nothing happens overnight, and anything worth having is worth the work!”

Thank you, Caitlin, for making CFR a better place and sharing some of yourself with us!


Today’s newsletter focused on recognizing the importance of the menstrual cycle while training. Women’s bodies change throughout their cycle and mindfully adjusting your workouts to accommodate those fluctuations will lead to better results and fewer injuries.

A few resources with more details are here:

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If you have any specific questions or want to figure out how to better maximize your workouts email [email protected] today. We’re all available and ready to talk through structuring your workouts to honor your natural rhythms.


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