Friends can make everything better, even your WORKOUT!
Bringing a friend, spouse, or family member along on your fitness journey can have a great impact on your chance of success.
Making life changes can be scary, having someone by your side can make things seem a little less intimidating.
Not just that, there are plenty more reasons a workout buddy is a MUST HAVE!

Having a workout buddy helps us remain ACCOUNTABLE.
The biggest obstacle people face when beginning a new program is accountability.
Remaining consistent in the early stages of a new routine is crucial because this is how long term habits are made.
If you have made plans to meet our workout buddy up at the gym chances are you are not going to leave them hanging and bail.
Also, let your buddy know your schedule so even if you can’t schedule every workout together you can still hold each other accountable to get it done regardless.

Another great benefit of having a workout buddy is providing MOTIVATION.
Having a friend rooting for you during your workout will keep your energy up and help you avoid feeling discouraged when things get tough.
This doesn’t have to be limited to workouts either.
Keep each other motivated to make good choices throughout the day,
text each other if you are tempted by the donuts in the break room, or to remind each other to drink enough water,
or even just sending motivational messages or memes throughout the day to keep your eyes on the prize.

A friend can also provide some friendly COMPETITION to your workouts.  
Adding a ‘race’ component to your cardio workout way be just what you needed to ‘up’ your routine.
Not everyone is motivated by competition but if this is you, use your competitive nature to fuel your workouts and other healthy endeavors.
Friendly competition is a great way to make goals that seems boring a bit more fun and exciting.

Lastly, you will have more FUN! Having a friend around to laugh at our mistakes and celebrate our triumphs definitely makes a workout better.
Getting healthier and working out should be something you enjoy and having friends around helps us remember that.
So grab your workout buddy and go have some FUN!
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