This week we would like to share with you our favorite suspension trainer exercises!

Suspension trainers are cheap, versatile,  and can be used almost anywhere. Train you legs, arms, core, butt, you name it! Suspension trainers are just awesome.

They can also be used to help learn the basic movements of exercises that can later be done with weight. If we can’t do it well with our own body weight, we shouldn’t load the move! Suspension trainers can help modify exercises for beginners or people with certain injuries or physical limitations.

Check out the video below for some challenging and modified suspension trainer exercises picked by your CFR trainers!

Additionally, you can check out both suspension trainers shown in the video on amazon. Here are links to both.

Cheap Amazon Suspension Trainer…

Jungle Gym XT.…

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Last but not least, check out last week’s blog on our favorite medicine ball exercises below
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