The pelvic tilt is our final exercise for the “by position” series.  After we’ve gotten our 3 silent breaths and 3 cross-connects, it’s time to move on to the pelvic tilt.  We like to keep these three foundational exercises together.  First, we start with getting a silent, rhythmical breath.  Next we go through three cross-connects on each side while maintaining the same silent, rhythmical breath.  Finally, we integrate the pelvic tilt.

The pelvic tilt will help you separate your hips from your torso.  The two should be able to move independently.  If the low back has to move with the pelvis, activities like walking, standing, or running can really start to irritate or fatigue the low back.  Also, if the pelvis doesn’t really move properly, you’ll lose the ability to use your core.  You just wont be able to get good core activation if the pelvis is locked down and doesn’t move.

Watch the video on the pelvic tilt.  Then, try going through all 3 foundational exercises in each position.  Try the breathing, cross-connect, and pelvic tilt in that order.  This sequence will help dial in your breath, core, and pelvis to get optimal results while training.


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