Our goal is to prioritize life and maximize performance without sacrificing too much to any single ambition or living in a permanent struggle.

In order to get stronger you have to invest in yourself, creating space for both hard work and recuperation. Rest and recovery are the natural partners of effort.

This week we’re focusing on rest, the act of taking time between workouts to allow muscles to relax and heal, and recovery, any action you take to actively assist your body in repairing itself. So whatever your recovery program is now, spend some thoughtful time on it. Don’t have one? Start one! Start with spacing workouts to protect muscle groups and maybe throw in some extra sleep, some attention to your posture outside the gym, and rolling on the regular. Already have a recovery program? Great! Walk through it piece by piece to make sure it’s serving your needs. Anything you need to add or change up? Are you addressing your stress level or mental health with at least as much vigor as you expend on foam rolling?

Self-care isn’t a luxury. It’s a discipline, right in line with strength training. It’s part of how you protect the investment you’re making in your future self and it’s worth doing well.

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Also, mosey over to our YouTube page to check out this week’s Trainer Tip, during which we all share our best recovery tips. [LINK TO OUR YOUTUBE PAGE]

Now go rest so you can come work.



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