One-Armed Kettlebell Swing

One-Armed Kettlebell Swing

1. Kettlebell Training Amplifies Your Power Output – Many of the movements in kettlebell training cannot be performed slowly, developing a quality known as power-endurance. Power-endurance is your ability to sustain fast muscular contractions over an extended period of time. This can usually be the determining factor in winning or losing in sporting competitions.

2. Shape the Butt – It is great for shaping up the butt because many of the exercises such as the snatch, swing and clean are initiated from the hip hinge movement. As a result, the glute muscles, which are the butt, are engaged often. This will give the behind a great workout.

3. Burn Fat A recent study showed that kettlebells are one of the most efficient training routines, burning up to 20.3cal/min. That is over 1200 calories an hour!

4. Develop Grip Strength – The weight of the kettlebell lies outside of your hand, unlike the traditional barbells and dumbbells, taxing your grip and developing greater forearm strength. The design of the kettlebell also adds another unique component to your grip training. Since the kettlebell’s center of gravity is usually in motion, your grip training becomes a combination of dynamic and static muscular contractions to help control the fluctuating center of mass.

5. Kettlebell’s Eliminate Weaknesses in Muscle Groups – Most people who train have a favorite muscle group like chest, biceps, or triceps that they tend to train more often. This leads to muscle groups in your body that are seldom used during training. With full body kettlebell exercises, you tend to train your major muscle groups more efficiently without isolation because smaller muscles throughout your body are engaged as well.  Once the weak parts of your body are strengthened, lifts become easier.

6. Prevent Injuries –This form of training focuses more on movements, whereas bodybuilding focuses more on targeting singular muscles as opposed to groups of muscles. Because movement efficiency is enhanced due to kettlebell training, injuries are greatly reduced by fixing the compensations and imbalances in the body.

7. Saves Time – There is no need to spend hours in the gym when using a kettlebell in order to see results. Kettlebell training is a high-intensity strength and cardio workout that forces the body to build muscle and burn fat fast.

In conclusion, kettlebell training is the perfect training tool, not only in terms of improving physical appearance, but also improving overall health and all-round fitness. We’ve all reached plateaus throughout our training; kettlebell training could be an easy solution to re-gain success in your other training programs.

One-Armed Kettlebell Swing
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