The Sled (or prowler) is one of our most used pieces of training equipment here at CFR. They are versatile and can be used in training for just about anyone. Sleds are a great tool to add strength training and some heavier weight into a workout while still maintaining minimal risk for injury. The sled is basically a metal base, that weights can be stacked onto, with posts attached to the base for holding on, pretty simple, but so very awesome!
A big reason sleds are such a wonderful training tool is how easy they are to use. Now, yes, they do require some skill and attention should still be focused on good form (as always) but overall it is a very straightforward piece of equipment that just about everyone should be able to utilize safely. Sleds are definitely a multi-purpose tool, they can be used for conditioning, fat loss, muscle building, and sport-specific training.
Sled training using lighter weight with a faster pace is a great technique for conditioning, while training with a heavier load on the sled will help to increase overall strength. Sleds can be pushed, they can be pulled, a harness can even be attached to add even more variations. Sled pushes and pulls are great for strengthening the lower body and fat loss. We get both of these great benefits in one exercise because a great way to accelerate fat loss is by strengthening large muscles groups which then increases our metabolism thus burning more calories each day. So we not only get stronger legs and butt, we also get the added benefit of fat loss.
Did I mention the abs? Incorporating sleds into your training program is also a great way to increase core strength. Learning to keep your body, especially your torso, rigid while pushing the sled demands a lot from the abdominals. Sled pushes (pictured, one of our more popular variations) focus on similar movements and muscle groups as those used during running, yet when training with the sled we avoid a majority of the risks associated with running. Running properly requires a lot of skill and practice and is not suitable for everyone, meanwhile pushing a sled does not require anywhere near as much skill to master and is appropriate for a much broader audience.
The sled is great for Fat Loss, Core Strength, Conditioning, and Stronger Legs and Butt all from one piece of equipment, you really can’t beat it!  
We love the Sled here at CFR, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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