This week’s focus is on moms, expectant women, and those who do the hard work of parenting. Our newsletter is reprinted below, because there are a lot of important points in there, but the short story is that a pregnant or parenting body is a body under great stress. Strength training can alleviate that stress, create reserves to use daily, and support physical and emotional health throughout your life.

Here are a few articles supporting the facts about the safety and efficacy of strength training during and after pregnancy:

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And here’s our newsletter with more details on why this is so important:

We know families can be complex and we respect that, but Mother’s Day is this Sunday so we’re going to take a minute to talk about strength training for moms.

We’ve said before that exercise is self-care, an investment in yourself now and in the future, and we’re going to say it again. Everyone, especially caretakers, needs to establish a physical regime designed to support their daily lives.

For expectant women change is the game. A pregnant body is going through huge daily upheavals and is subject to tremendous stressors. Hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, and altered fluid dynamics are just the beginning. Strength training can play a main role in mitigating those changes. In addition to cushioning the blow of a new body on the daily, training also helps you prepare for an easier delivery and faster post-partum recovery and smooths emotional waves. A well-designed training plan helps your pregnant body remain as strong, stable, and comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

It’s safe for women to continue or start a strength training program while pregnant. Adjustments need to be made, of course, but that’s what we’re here for! We can answer questions and help design a program that changes with you throughout your pregnancy.

However you become a mom and no matter who you’re a mom to, strength training can help you fill that role with power and grace.

Motherhood is demanding in the extreme. While you may no longer be growing or waiting for a tiny person, now you’re responsible for carrying someone around, being awake enough to make it through parent night, answering calls from college, and eventually playing on the floor with a whole new generation of tiny people. The daily demands are endless and there are a lot of days to get through.

Strength training as a parent is important for all the same reasons that apply to anyone else. In addition to increasing your physical and mental resilience, helping you avoid injuries, and building strength you can count on, a good training program can help you avoid the age-related muscle loss and provide a major energy boost.

So whether you’re a mom, a prospective mom, or someone who loves a mom, now’s the time to come in and talk to us about how we can help. A Functional Movement Screen and personalized fitness program can make a world of difference and we are here to make sure you’re getting the help you need. We think it’s a gift any mom can use.

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