Ok clients, this is my very first blog. I figure it’s about time I create some content about the basic stuff I see around the gym on a daily basis.  And it’s time to educate our CFR family on some of the cool stuff we are constantly learning.

Last week Steve and I traveled to the Big Apple to meet two of the smartest doctors around. Dr. Perry Nickelston and Dr. Kathy Dooley were presenting on neurokinetic therapy, also known as NKT.  Talk about a mind blow!


If I had to sum it up, I would say that NKT works with the brain and muscle testing to find if muscles are on, off, weak, compensating, etc. But it’s so much more than that! NKT has been dubbed “the missing link. “The results I witnessed were something that resembled magic. People that had experienced nagging pain their whole lives with no resolve were getting relief instantaneously. Someone with no grip strength turned super strong by engaging a muscle in their neck.

How was this possible?

The key was looking beyond the site of pain or weakness and asking WHY? ” Why was that damn pain in my knee in the first place. Was it my hip? Was it my ankle? Could it really be my neck?” Truth be told, NKT gives a well trained practitioner the ability to look farther down the rabbit hole of someone’s health history than anything I’ve encountered thus far. You become a real life Sherlock Holmes of the human body.

NKT might be described as the polar opposite of how our healthcare system works

Hey doc, my shoulder hurts.” “Ok patient let me work on your shoulder for you.”  “Hey doc my back hurts.” “Ok patient, let me crack your back and put some electrodes on you while I walk out of the room.” Or even worse, “Hey doc my anything hurts.” “Ok patient, let’s cut you open and fix that with no detective work.” Ahhhh! These scenarios are constant and it’s why, in my opinion, our healthcare system is in such disarray.

Everyone wants a cure. Cure my shoulder. Cure my back. Cure my diseases. But the world is putting its focus in the wrong place. Rather its focus should be on how do I prevent my shoulders from ever hurting or how do I prevent getting cancer? No one seems to care until it affects him or her or someone they love.

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Which brings us to what CFR really is. We are preventative Healthcare. That’s what the FMS is all about. Screening out the dysfunctions in our movement patterns before they manifest into pain.  It’s what NKT is all about, testing and screening movement to see what is working and what isn’t.

Sometimes I wonder if our clients realize how passionate we all are at hunting out the best methods to keep our CFR family healthy. Healthy beyond exercise, beyond food, beyond breathing, healthy in all aspects of life. The balance of it all in a world that’s constantly trying to unravel us.

We at CFR feel that we owe it to you to give the best in the world and this is what drives us everyday to become better. We will never know everything, but you’ve got to admit that’s the fun part about the journey. Keep an open mind. Always be willing to learn. Because as soon as you think you’ve got it all figured out, life has a funny way of reminding you that the adventure has just begun.

David Wilton

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