We live in an era where more is better. Needless to say, we live a fast-paced life. The 40-hour workweek is almost a thing of the past. Our schedules are maxed out and we barely have time to fit in the time to take care of ourselves. If this isn’t you, count yourself lucky. Vast majorities of the people we work with on a regular basis all need some time management tools to help them out.


Missing workouts happen periodically. However, if you’re planning and keeping things organized, missing workouts doesn’t have to happen anymore. If you’re finding yourself making excuses for lack of time or money to get good training, try using these apps. They are not going to miraculously fix the problems, but these apps can help you devise strategies to become successful and to leave the excuses behind.


Here are three of my favorite apps I use on a regular basis to help me keep my life organized:


1. Evernote


If you’re not using Evernote, you should seriously think about changing that this instant. I really mean it. Pull out your cell phone right now and download this app. It doesn’t cost a dime, and honestly, it’s worth a lot of money if you ask me.


This is my external brain. Grocery lists, brain dumps, weekly to-do lists, random notes I may need, and hundreds of other reasons make me LOVE Evernote. The system will sync with all of your devices and update in real time. I regularly use this app on both my computer and my phone. Put it in one device, and it automatically syncs with the other. This really comes in handy when you’re on the run. Also, another cool feature is the search feature. Forget what you named a note? Search for it. Evernote will review each note and narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.


2. Mint


Mint is another app I check on a regular basis. I’ve never been the type of person to sit down at the table and balance my checkbook on a regular basis. I definitely see value in doing this; however, I’ve never really done it, and I don’t see myself doing it in the near future.


This is where Mint comes into play. It’s pretty easy to set up, and once it’s all done, you’ll easily be able to see how you’re spending your money and where it’s going. The app is very user friendly and gives you so much insight as to where your finances are going. Using Mint, I’ve been able to look at areas like dining out, coffee shops, and other frivolous expenses. If I ever need to manage money, Mint is the first place I’m going. Check out this free app and help make your financial life much easier and organized.


3. Google Drive


This one isn’t technically an app…although you can download a Google app on your phone. I personally never use the app, but I do use Google Drive on a daily basis. If you’re ever working with people and you have documents you need to share, Google Drive is totally legit! Google created a way to make sharing documents extremely easy.


Not only does it allow you share documents, it also allows you to modify or edit documents in real time. This is extremely handy when you have a project your working on with others, or it’s a document that changes regularly. If you’re not using Google Drive, you’re seriously missing out.


So there you have it. A few of my top apps and programs I use on a daily basis. These three things help me keep my life organized and allow me to get a ton of stuff done on a regular basis. Check them out. I know you won’t be disappointed.

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