As a former obese and injured human, as well as a personal trainer, I’ve seen what it takes to get fitness results. That’s why I want to share what I consider the three biggest reasons why people fail at getting the fitness results they desire. Most of the time it isn’t the wrong diet or exercise program. Most of the time any of them will work if you have these three things on lock. This is about to get real. ☺


This is so huge. In order to succeed, we have to really break down our priorities. I can’t tell you how many times I have had a random girlfriend come up to me nails and hair perfect, Gucci purse, with type 2 diabetes and say, “I totally wanna train with you soooooooo bad but I can’t afford it.” Diabetes is expensive, Karen.

“PRIORITIZE!” is the same answer for “I don’t have time”, “I can’t afford to eat healthy/go to gym”, “My kids/spouse won’t help me”. If this goal is a priority, we will make time, we will look for healthy meal recipes, we will find ways to save money on good food, and we will find ways to involve our kids/spouse.

When we break it down, only you can get your results. The question really is, how bad do you want it?


Are you ready to get weird? Results do not come without getting out of our comfort zone. Does. Not. Happen. There are no easy, don’t have to change anything, quick fixes. What’s comfortable is what got us to where we feel like something needs to change in our lives. We are uncomfortable with the results of being comfortable. It’s time to flip the script. Be uncomfortable to achieve results that you love.

Patience and positivity are how to deal with the weird we will encounter on our fitness and health journey. We might have a day where we couldn’t do a particular exercise at the gym. Don’t get frustrated. Remember all the things we CAN do now that we couldn’t before we started. We will get this one too. Maybe we ate a whole cheesecake this weekend. Try not to do that (lol). If it happens, we CAN eat clean for the rest of the week and maybe find a healthy cheesecake substitute for the next time.

Find ways to enjoy the learning process instead of finding reasons to stay comfortable. You can do anything you put your mind to.


Definition of self discipline- “the ability to control one’s feelings and weaknesses…..the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.”

We practice discipline every day. When we say “I have no self control” we are full of it. Yeah. We do. If we didn’t, life would be absolute chaos. We are scared or don’t really want to. That’s fine. Everyone has things they do and don’t want to do.

It’s when we hear the same thing over and over again, from ourselves, that we need to get some discipline in our lives. We want this change. We think about this change. We talk about this change. We’ve probably been researching and attempting this change. We have to put consistent work in to make it happen.

There is no other way but to plow through. You have to train your brain. Say “ NO! I will not eat this fried chicken! Be gone deep fried demon!” HAHA. I’m just playin. You get the idea. This is where habit is formed. Repeated discipline.

Also, if you can’t do what was planned, at least do something. Life happens and we might have to miss our workout. We can do small sets of squats and desk push-ups throughout the day. Have the discipline to do something towards achieving your goals. Something is always better than nothing.


There are many, many, effective training and meal programs. Some are better than others but a lot of them will definitely work. None of them will get us to our goals without making them a priority, making sure we are ready to be uncomfortable and stick with it for the greater good of ourselves, and the discipline to follow through.

– Sarah Spaulding

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