Although we have been around for over 3 years this is the first of many posts on our new updated blog.  Complete Fitness Results is more than just personal training.  Personal training is something that has been around for decades, but the effectiveness honestly has been less than optimal.  At Complete Fitness Results its all about the client.  We know that our success depends on your success and results are what we are all about.

Results from a personal training program should be a given in our opinion so we provide so much more to make sure that your experience is more than just a workout.  We have a complete program at Complete Fitness Results. Most places provide just a piece of the puzzle, but we see the big picture.  The results that you want require more than getting your butt kicked in the gym and someone counting reps.

Complete Fitness Results Personal Training in St. Louis

We provide the most comprehensive personal training option in St. Louis because we are more than just another St. Louis personal training studio. Complete Fitness Results in known around the world for the innovative program design and attention to quality training and client results. Our training programs and philosophies are studied and used by some of the best personal trainers in the world, and our network of personal trainers is endless so there is no question that goes unanswered.

Being this comprehensive and cutting edge requires more than personal trainers.  We have a registered dietician on staff, a chiropractic center, multiple training options, nutrition supplements, and more.


BY FAR THE BEST PART OF Complete Fitness Results is the staff!  Our staff just plain cares!  We love helping people achieve their goals and reach levels they thought impossible.  Just as much, we love to educate people and educate ourselves.  Complete Fitness Results staff members are obsessed with being the best personal trainers in St. Louis and the entire fitness industry as a whole. We are a family at Complete Fitness Results and look forward to having you join our family and get the best personal training experience of your life.

This blog is not about us however, its about you.  Check back often for fitness and wellness related articles, tips, recipes, videos, workouts, updates, news, and more!  We look forward to being able to help you achieve your goals.

Take a look at this video to see Complete Fitness Results in action!

Thanks for checking us out!

Steve Long


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