By Teresa Johnson

Now that you know all about me (Teresa’s Transformation), let’s talk about why CFR has added a Wellness Program.  There are 3 key components to creating a healthy lifestyle and reaping all the benefits that come with it.

1. Physical activity- be active

2. Nutrition- eat healthy a majority of the time and have a good relationship with food

3. Recovery, i.e. stress management, sleep patterns, a positive mindset…- minimize stress, increase quality sleep to 7-9 hours a night, and have a positive mindset

That is a lot of stuff. And, it can seem overwhelming to do all of those things and get to where you want to be. Have you ever asked yourself: How am I going to fit all of the changes I need/want to make into my current life? Is there someone to help me create a structured plan that will work for me and hold me accountable? Where do I start? These are all things that 8 Weeks to Wellness does. In my Goaljourney I was overwhelmed, defeated, ashamed, embarrassed, but I also felt joy, happiness, confidence and a since of accomplishment. I can relate to what you are going through and help you overcome any obstacles. I know what it feels like to be so far away from your goal you wonder if you should even try. We will focus on small changes and make your journey a positive experience. I want to help you create a lifestyle that you like and want to continue.

8 Weeks Wells includes:

  • 8 Weeks of One on One Sessions
  • Goal Setting with Weights, Measurements, and Body Fat Testing
  • Individualized In Person Life Planning and Scheduling
  • Weekly Phone Calls
  • Priority Email Access
  • Meal Planning for Everyday Life
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Nutrition Session with Registered Dietitian
  • Advisement on Sleep, Stress, and Breathing

Once you sign up for the program, you will meet with me in person, once a week for 8 weeks. Every week we have a different topic that we focus on and create a goal that you can maintain after the 8 weeks.  We will really concentrate on what is realistic for you and customize goals to your life. Program cost is $199 for members and $299 for non-members.

You can contact me directly at 314-620-4929 or [email protected] to get started. I want you to know that this program is my heart and soul. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason, and I just have to believe that I went through everything I went through not because I’m a bad person or I deserved it, but because I am supposed to help someone else.

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