We, and one of our clients, have some thoughts.

We know it’s hard to tell the difference between gyms, because the designation means a lot of different things to different people. This week we’re here to clarify.

Complete Fitness Results is built on the desire to help. We’re here to ensure that whatever your ‘better’ looks like, you have the support and tools to get there. We believe that everyone is an athlete, everyone can make their daily lives easier, everyone deserves to be more comfortable in their skin, and we have the know-how to help make those things happen.

So, what makes us different?

  1. We’re going to meet you where you are. Whatever your idea of fitness is, you don’t have to hit it before coming in. Our goal is to help you attain that, not berate you for missing an arbitrary mark.
  1. We’re going to personalize your experience. Even in our group classes we’re going to address your individual issues without insisting you fit into a specific mold. Maybe you need four reps instead of ten, or your left shoulder works differently than your right. Cool! Let’s figure that out together.
  1. We care about your struggles. This is hard work and we know it. When you’re wrestling with something we’re going to be supportive and when you make a breakthrough no one will cheer harder than us.
  1. We’re not worried about what you’re wearing. Choosing a gym outfit can be a huge hurdle and we’re here to tell you it doesn’t matter.
  1. Sometimes you get to see Dot! We take fitness very seriously but we’re not serious people. We’re building a place where you can have a good time while making progress and sometimes there are puppies.
  1. We love being here and we want you to love it, too.

This week’s Tips From the Trainers video is all about maximizing your workouts and we have some amazing advice from our gifted staff. As a special bonus, this is an extended feature because we really want you to see how it feels to be here. So settle in and enjoy! [CLICK HERE TO VIEW]

Finally, I know why I show up every day, but I think it’s important to hear what makes CFR valuable to its other stakeholders. This week I’d like to introduce Cora. She’s a relatively new client, since she started in March, and her story is interesting. We’re going to share it over the next few weeks. Today, we hear how she felt before coming in.

Here’s Cora:

“If you asked, I would have told you a few months ago that gyms were not my thing. I’ve had a lot of injuries, a lot of rehab, and a life full of fighting my weight. I felt legitimate terror at the thought of walking into a gym and looking and feeling out of place. I’ve never been a fit or coordinated person, and I figured a gym was a place for people who knew how to use free weights and wanted biceps and I was the opposite of them.

But then I got to a place of real desperation. I was recuperating badly after a major surgery and deeply unhappy with how my body looked and operated. I couldn’t carry a laundry basket, stand to cook dinner, or help my kids with homework. My entire life revolved around doing only what was absolutely necessary to survive. I’m a single mom of four and a small business owner, so a lot of things seemed absolutely necessary and this was a fight I was losing.

It was at that point that I met Steve and decided to give CFR a try. My honest thought was that if I was embarrassed or miserable I could always quit and be no worse off than I already was, but during my evaluation I was blown away by his compassion and intelligence. He heard what I was afraid of and was creative and kind about building me a pathway out. I started coming in regularly and have been delighted by the atmosphere of cheerful encouragement and by my interactions with all the trainers and other clients. I’m not just the fat lady suffering when I’m there. I’m a person with my own needs surrounded by people who are interested in helping. I love the support and camaraderie.”

We’ll hear more about how her first few visits went next week. For now, watch this week’s video, stay hydrated, and call us with any questions.


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