Yoga contributes to balance in physical activity by aiding recovery, building better habits, and making mental space. Here at CFR we practice it for both development and release and millions of people worldwide have found personal benefits by adding it to their workout routines.

Here are a few articles with additional info on benefits of regular yoga practice, specifically how it can be combined with strength training to improve everything:

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We have our very own yoga expert on staff. This week we’re talking to Mo about what inspires her and how she uses that to guide others through developing a yoga practice.

We asked her how yoga contributes to her personal routine, since she’s devoted hundreds of hours to training, certification, and practice, and she said, “The entire practice of yoga is about discipline. It is a lifestyle and requires attention to all areas of life. This includes diet, sleep, personal practice, spirituality, social situations, etc. There are definitely times that I am more disciplined than others, though!” Which was completely relatable. While developing our fitness routines we all find ourselves questioning our behavior and choices, and it sounds like yoga offers space to do that as well.

We talked to all our trainers about how their practice has evolved, because we were wondering if there had been any setbacks, mistakes, or developments that changes their planned course. Mo’s answer was delightfully caring! “I don’t think that anything would be considered a mistake if I am learning new things, growing, and building. All things change and evolve, so it is necessary to stay open to our personal practices doing the same. I am always learning new things. Everyday! On my mat and off.” What a wonderful way to support yourself through change! And what a gift to have an instructor that views progress that way.

Mo’s goals for this year are to get deeper into her practice, hold herself more accountable, and learn. We’re all students our whole lives, and that’s a meaningful point to consider for any trainee.

And her best advice for students?

“You are like an onion with many, many layers. Don’t live life without trying to peel those layers away. There is always something new you can discover about yourself.”

Thank you, Mo, for bringing your insight and compassion to our gym family!


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