You “eat clean” 80% of the time, you exercise 5-7 days a week, you don’t smoke, you only drink on special occasions…you even do a 5k Turkey Trot every Thanksgiving and you not only participate in weight-loss challenges – you CRUSH THEM every time.


Somehow though, you manage to put all the weight back on, and maybe a bonus pound or two.

You KNOW how to do this healthy lifestyle thing, so what gives?!?!




BREATHE! –> You are not alone!


We live in a society that is FILLED with information and great expectations. We are doers. We see a problem, we take action, we learn how to fix it, we roll up our sleeves and go full force into “fixing it”…and we expect it to be fixed indefinitely.


Treating obesity as a problem to fixed IS the problem. Being overweight is a symptom of a much larger, far more complicated problem, and lack of knowledge rarely has anything to do with it.


If you know alcohol, cigarettes, soda, fast food, pizza, chips, fried foods, baked goods and the like are doing nothing positive for your body, but you are compelled to ingest them, chances are the root of your problem has more to do with your emotions and deep-seeded self-defeating thought processes than your intellect.




Our relationship with food begins on our first day of life. We cry. We get food. We feel better. How that relationship evolves over the course of a lifetime is very complicated. The connection between food and our emotions is extremely strong. We are human beings – not human doings. When you are too busy “doing” and not taking time to “be”, we accumulate decades of unprocessed feelings. We lose touch with how we feel and how to feel; this is the root of the problem.


Stuffing our faces with calorie rich, carb rich, sweet, salty, and fatty foods is how we keep those feelings stuffed. These foods can be just as intoxicating and mind-numbing as any pharmaceutical – they are legal, readily available, and socially acceptable. These substances provide us with the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to mentally and emotionally check-out and the consequences they afflict us with distract us from ever having to acknowledge what is taking place. It is the perfect storm for a life of self-destruction and denial.


OK, so now I know what the real problem is… just tell me how to fix it!


A mind and soul filled with repressed and suppressed feelings and emotions is a dangerous place to go alone. You can’t fix your thinking with your own thinking. That is why you need a Life Coach to navigate you through this minefield, and help you reach higher ground.



How is Life Coaching different than therapy?


A Life Coach doesn’t diagnose or treat disorders and diseases of the mind. Life Coaching is about honoring you as a person and your ability to heal and solve your own issues with guidance and direction – to meet you where you are and build you up to where you want to be.




You know you better than anyone else. A Life Coach can help you see things from a different perspective and walk you through the mental blocks that are holding you back from becoming the person you want to be and living the life you long to live. Coaching is about helping you realize and set goals, develop a plan of action and support you along the way.



How do I get started?


If you are one of those people who struggle to lose weight or keep the weight off long-term, Life Coaching may be the missing piece to you health and fitness puzzle.

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