No Pain No Gain is a LIE!
Your workouts should make you look and FEEL amazing!!
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to get “crushed” every workout to get great results from your fitness program! We understand that training hard is important, but all that hard work is pointless if you don’t TRAIN SMART!

Infomercials, TV shows, and certain fitness training circles are telling you no pain no gain, but what has that gotten us as a society? The country is getting fatter and healthcare costs are rising. People are getting hurt regularly in gyms all across America because there are so many people that need help and not enough qualified trainers to work with everyone individually.

You see, each person is different; each person moves different, has a different health history, body fat percentage, goals and more. Sadly however, almost ALL fitness trainers want to take the easy way out by lumping you into a one sized fits all program, and even worse are not educated enough to know the difference between good movement and bad movement in the first place!

The combination of lack of knowledge, lack of assessment of individual needs, a no pain no gain attitude, and all of the mixed information that exists within the industry really has YOU set up for failure.

So what does it mean to “Train Smart” with Complete Fitness Results?
Training Smart means it’s all about YOU!

We customize a personal training program based around your goals. Lose fat, tone up, increase performance, decrease pain, or just get healthy!

You will be assessed and screened to make sure that your workouts are exactly what your body needs to get results. Nothing less, and nothing more.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are doing what you are doing? We live to answer that question!

Surrounding yourself with success is a key to becoming successful yourself. Just by walking in the doors of Complete Fitness Results, you have accomplished this.

Stay safe! Injuries in gyms are becoming an epidemic in America and worldwide, but our programs at Complete Fitness Results are about reducing injuries while getting you the results you want. People that have little aches and pains LOVE training with us, and our relationship with therapists all over, proves that we are good with people with many different issues.

Having a training option that is right for you. Don’t be forced to do bootcamps or personal training because it’s all that the facility or trainer has to offer. We have what is right for you.


We Offer:
    • 1 on 1 and Small Group Personal Training
    • Large Group Personal Training (Bootcamp)
    • Nutrition Education from a Registered Dietician
    • Medical Services and Rehabilitation
    • Goal Setting and Wellness Coaching
    • Program Design
    • Sports Performance Training
    • Whatever it takes to help you succeed!


So don’t just workout when you can move better, sleep better, decrease pain, and increase your overall level of happiness with a smart training program that is specifically for YOUR needs. Call us right now at (314) 402-2238 or enter your name and email below to get started with a free Movement Screen and Assessment, so we can find out what your individual needs really are.

“This place is GREAT!!! I started bootcamp with CFR about a year ago weighing in at 220lbs with blood pressure through the roof…” Read More

~ Tom F – St. Louis MO


“I’ve been to other personal trainers in St. Louis, but Complete Fitness Results is the training studio that helped me on the path to changing my life…” Read More

~ Jen T – West County, MO

Complete Fitness Results Used to be Like Every Other Personal Training Studio In St. Louis!
That’s right, years ago when we first opened we would brag about how hard we smashed our clients, and how they would puke or have to stop their workouts. We were just like the rest of the crap out there. We honestly thought we were doing a good thing by pushing our clients PAST their limits. We knew they may not feel good now, but they would feel great when they reached their goals right? WRONG!

After spending 10 years researching the best ways to train and spending every waking second educating himself on what it takes to be successful for the LONG TERM, CFR owner Steve Long knows that the “no pain, no gain” mentality is DEAD WRONG!

It is true that you have to train hard, but it’s more important to TRAIN SMART and that is what Complete Fitness Results is all about. Training that produces results, and makes you feel great and optimize health at the same time. It’s all about YOU and that is what CFR is about, helping YOU achieve YOUR goals

So if you want to get started achieving your goals NOW, go ahead and give us a call at (314) 402-2238 or enter your name and email below for more info.


“My husband and I started working out at Complete Fitness Results doing the group boot camps after beginning on our weight loss journey a few months prior. We both had already lost some weight and had hit a plateau…” Read More

~ Melissa B – Clayton, MO

“I wonder sometimes if you and your team of personal trainers realize the business you’re in. It’s not exercise and fitness. Sure, it can be if that’s all the client wants, but that hasn’t been my experience…” Read More
~ Tim Rowland – Ladue, MO

“Steve Long changed my life. This is not said lightly. I have been a client of Steve Long’s for 3 years. When I met Steve I was overweight, had high blood pressure, and a herniated disc…” Read More
~ Sarah S – Vernal, UT

If you are looking for a personal trainer or bootcamp in Brentwood, Clayton, Ladue, Webster Groves, Richmond Heights, or anywhere in the St. Louis area, training with Complete Fitness is a no brainer.
Get the results that our clients are getting for yourself, get started now!
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